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Jolly’s made to measure triumph

Firefighter Dixon, on duty, wearing his Jolly structural firefighitng boots.
Correctly fitting PPE is an essential component in ensuring firefighters experience optimum protection, mobility and comfort. A challenging prospect when injury is involved. Pac Fire strives to deliver PPE that provides the best possible fit to Australasian firefighters. To achieve this, Pac Fire actively seeks out like minded partners, such as Jolly Scarpe who’s status as a leading firefighting footwear supplier and agile manufacturing processes allow them to produce “made to measure” solutions.

In 2020, Fire and Rescue NSW approached Pac Fire on behalf of Firefighter Dixon after exhausting all traditional footwear options following an injury resulting in the fusion of the right first metatarsal.

Pac Fire’s premium footwear suppliers, Jolly produced around 15 pairs of “made to measure” firefighting boots annually at the time of Fire and Rescue NSW enquiry. After learning of his story, Jolly signalled their eagerness to take on the challenge of providing a highly protective structural firefighting boot that met Firefighter Dixons unique needs and would ultimately see him return to active service.

Firefighter Dixon’s finished footwear is based on Jolly’s popular “Fire Guard” design, a zip front, structural firefighting boot already a popular option supplied to several of the UK’s Fire & Rescue Services.

Upon receiving his boots, Firefighter Dixon was cautiously optimistic when his custom made orthotics fitted perfectly. He commented that the boots were surprisingly comfortable straight out of the box – all be it a little stiff. Aside from the fit, the feature Firefighter Dixon appreciated most was the ankle protection system providing additional support that almost felt like the boots made ascending stairs easier. He also noted how stable his foot felt in the boot, especially considering it was gripping him from the calf and ankle.

Upon passing his assessment and gaining clearance to return to active firefighting duty, Firefighter Dixon told Pac Fire that there were no words to express his emotions. He went on to tell has that returning to active service after traveling such a long road “meant the world to him”.

Firefighter Dixon’s, wearing his made to measure Jolly structural firefighitng boots based off the popular Fire Guard design.
Jeremy Dawkins, Northern European and Australasian Sales Agent for Jolly Scarpe was heavily involved in Firefighter Dixon’s footwear project, describing it as “very challenging, but ultimately, very rewarding”. Mr Dawkins went onto commend Firefighter Dixon’s commitment to returning to active service to protect the community. He also complemented Fire and Rescue NSW on taking the obligation to support a fully inclusive and diverse workforce extremely seriously. A commitment not seen in other parts of the world.
Jolly is currently producing another pair of “made to measure” footwear for Firefighter Dixon to ensure continuity of service well into the future.

Pac Fire would like to extend our thanks to Jolly for undertaking such an important project and congratulate Firefighter Dixon on returning to active service within Fire and Rescue NSW.

Read the full story in the July issue of Asia Pacific Fire magazine or explore the Jolly footwear range.

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Fire Profi: so comfortable you forget you’re wearing firefighting footwear

Fire Profi from Jolly Scarpe have landed in Australia
Jason Hull and Jolly Fire Profi Firefighting Footwear
Jason Hull swears by his Jolly Fire Profi boots having worn them in a 26-mile marathon, 12-hour Beachy Head Coastal Walk and other charity events.
Fire Profi are pull-on style structural firefighting boots from globally renown footwear manufacturer, Jolly Scarpe. Testament to the boots innovative design, superior safety features and premium comfort, Fire Profi was awarded to the UK Collaborative Framework, servicing nearly 30,000 firefighters, spanning services across the United Kingdom, including London Fire Brigade and Scottish Fire.

Fire Profi have been precision crafted to fit the foot perfectly. Features focus on keeping the foot stable inside the boot while delivering a level of comfort that makes the user almost forget they’re wearing firefighting footwear.

A feeling former UK firefighter, Jason Hull knows only too well. Jason elected to wear his service issued, Jolly Fire Profi boots in a 26-mile (approx. 42km) marathon, rather than the more traditional and accepted option, sports trainers. Why did Jason make this unusual choice? Fire Profi’s Wrap Band System (WBS) secures the foot from the top rather than the heel, ensuring it remains stable in the boot for longer, vastly reducing common foot injuries like friction burns and blisters.

After his positive experience in the marathon Jason opted to wear Fire Profi boots in the 12-hour Beachy Head Coastal Walk skirting the hilly Sussex coastline. Again, Jason was the odd one out but had the last laugh, completing the challenging trek with his feet entirely intact.

Today Jason is a firefighter in the UAE where he still wears his much loved Fire Profi boots on duty and in subsequent charity events, raising much needed funds and awareness for The Fire Fighters Charity.

Fire Profi has just landed in Australia and is available now from Pac Fire. Read more or add a pair to your next order here.

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Jolly Fire Profi Structural Firefighting Footwear