New Products

Christmas Greetings for 2021.

It’s almost a wrap for 2021 and the staff at Pac Fire would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and advise you of our holiday shutdown. Pac Fire will be closing on Thursday 23rd December. Skeleton staff will be available from the 4th of January, with Pac Fire officially reopening […]


The Pac Fire 2021-22 Catalogue has gone digital

2021 hasn’t been what we’d call a ‘typical year’. Pac Fire’s catalogue is traditionally released at the annual AFAC conference. Due to the cancellation of AFAC21 (…and many other, important events in our calendar), Pac Fire’s updated catalogue never made it to the printer. In a year where it seems everything has been cancelled – […]

MSA Bristol EOS the dawn of a new era in structural firefighting outerwear

The dawn of a new era: Pac Fire welcomes MSA Bristol EOS

Pac Fire is pleased to introduce another advancement in structural firefighting outerwear from MSA Bristol. EOS is the latest structural firefighting ensemble from leading manufacturer MSA Bristol. MSA Bristol EOS builds on the success of XFlex and the UK Collaborative Framework ranges, retaining the popular, ergonomic sports styling and advanced protection achieved from the combination […]

Bristol Uniforms Composite Structural Firefighting Gloves - Cowhide Leather / Nomex

Another innovation in the field of hand protection from Bristol Uniforms

Pac Fire is pleased to introduce the AS/NZS 2161.6:2014 certified, composite structural firefighting gloves from premium PPE supplier Bristol Uniforms. The composite gloves combine Nomex® fabric on the back of the hand with hard wearing, cowhide leather on the palm, thumb and flexible absorber. The GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® moisture barrier is both waterproof and breathable. It […]

Fire Profi from Jolly Scarpe have landed in Australia

Fire Profi: so comfortable you forget you’re wearing firefighting footwear

Fire Profi are pull-on style structural firefighting boots from globally renown footwear manufacturer, Jolly Scarpe. Testament to the boots innovative design, superior safety features and premium comfort, Fire Profi was awarded to the UK Collaborative Framework, servicing nearly 30,000 firefighters, spanning services across the United Kingdom, including London Fire Brigade and Scottish Fire

Introducing the Pac Fire Jolly Boots Range

Jolly Safety Footwear is coming to Pac Fire

For over 35 years Jolly has been a leading essential supplier of professional firefighting footwear throughout Europe. Recently, Jolly was selected as the preferred supplier of Firefighting & Rescue Footwear to the UK Collaborative Framework which is accessible to all Fire and Rescue Services across the United Kingdom. A focus on utilising innovative materials while […]

Big Protection. Compact Size. The Captains Pack from Responder Wipes

Big Protection. Compact Size.

Dermal wipes, like Responder Wipes, have been highlighted as an important step in the formulation of preliminary exposure reduction strategies.

Adaro L5POWER with position location beacon

An elegant solution to visual position location

Adaro have been responsible for developing some of the most innovative lighting solutions on the market today. Their latest flashlight, the L5POWER is robust, reliable, lightweight and incorporates features aimed at increasing visibility, like the new flashing red LED positioning beacon in the tail and the torches photoluminescent bezel. L5POWER is ATEX certified to the […]

Pac Fire Online Gift Vouchers - Available Now!

Gifting just got a whole lot easier – introducing Pac Fire Online Gift Vouchers

We all have that one person in our life that’s difficult to buy gifts for… Pac Fire is hoping to take some of the stress out of gift giving by launching Pac Fire Online Gift Vouchers – just in time for Christmas. Pac Fire Online Git Vouchers are exclusive to the Pac Fire Online, redeemable […]

New Fans from Blowhard - Command and Quickee

Pac Fire welcomes “Commando” and “Quickee” to the Blowhard range

Blowhard is an innovative company with a team dedicated to putting the needs of firefighters first. Their core focus is creating solutions that fire services can integrate into their processes to make them more powerful and efficient. It is this focus that has led to the creation of two new fans – the Commando and […]

New Product: The Blowhard Misting Ring

A new tool in the fight against heat stress

Firefighters experience high amounts of physical and mental stress when attending an incident. Environmental factors like extreme heat, humidity or cold contribute to conditions that may have an adverse impact on a firefighters health. In Australia, heat stress has been highlighted as a leading cause of injury during fire suppression. Dangers like heat stress can […]

Pac Fire Helmet Mounted Earmuffs

Durable, helmet mounted, hearing protection

Pac Fires’ new model earmuffs are effective at reducing exposure to hazardous noise and other loud sounds. They feature durable metal arms and a 25mm tongue that fits to the Pacific earmuff bracket. Earmuff Features: Helmet Mounted Earmuffs Fits most ear sizes, with thick cushions for extra comfort Suitable in areas with high noise levels […]

New Pac Fire Catalogue

Introducing Pac Fire’s new look Product Catalogue

Pac Fire is pleased to annouce the release of the 2018 Product Catalogue featuring over 15 new products. The 2018 edition has more products, more photos and more information than ever before. Explore the latest technical fabrics and moisture barriers in the protective clothing section, find out more about your favourite Pacific Helmet and check […]

Pac Fire's new firefighting goggles have arrived

New Video: Introducing the Pac Fire Goggles

Pac Fire’s new two strap helmet goggles have landed and we’ve created this groovy video to celebrate their release. Want to be the first to know about new products? Head over to our Facebook page and hit the “Like” button for our news to show up in your daily feed. Facebook not your thing? Subscibe […]

Pac Fire Helmet Mounted Goggles

They’re here! Pac Fire’s helmet mounted goggles have arrived

Pac Fire’s Helmet Mounted goggles (PF950++) are heat resistant, durable and flexible. The foam bound, non-vented goggle body moulds to the face increasing comfort while preventing smoke and other airborne contaminants entering to impede vision. Goggle Features: Wide vision and low profile goggle Accommodates multiple facial sizes PPE compatible Excellent clarity with no optical distortion […]

Underwater Kinetics Lighthouse Torch

New Arrival: The Lighthouse Torch from Underwater Kinetics

The Lighthouse is a multi-functional personal lighting device. It can be handheld like a traditional flashlight, worn on a safety vest or other clothing, magnetically mounted on a metal work area, or stood up on any flat surface. The fully adjustable head can be moved and positioned in any direction to send the light exactly […]

Bristol Uniforms NanoFlex Flash Hoods

Protect against harmful particulates with Bristol NanoFlex

With a growing focus on firefighter health – Pac Fire Australia is pleased to announce the arrival of the Bristol Particulate Blocking Flash Hoods in Nomex® and PBI®. Recent studies into firefighter health and well-being suggest that the flash hood is the most penetrable piece of protective clothing worn by the firefighter, a particularly troubling […]

Citrosqueeze and SC-14 - new PPE Cleaning Products available from Pac Fire Australia

CITROSQUEEZE® and SC-14 now available from Pac Fire Australia

Dirty PPE reduces insulation, is more likely to conduct heat / electricity and can become flammable. Proper cleaning and maintenance of protective clothing is essential in maintaining garments optimum protective performance and therefore keeping firefighters safe. Pac Fire Australia is pleased to announce the arrival of CITROSQEEZE® PPC pre-treater and technical detergent as well as SC-14 […]

Bristol's Titan PBI Structural Firefighting Glove is available now from Pac Fire

A revolution in Structural Firefighting Gloves

Pac Fire Australia’s exclusive partner, Bristol Uniforms have developed a game changer in hand protection. The Titan PBI® Structural firefighting gloves represent the gold standard in structural firefighting protection within Australia and New Zealand. Pioneering the way forward, the Titan PBI® glove are the first fabric structural firefighting glove to be certified to AS/NZS 2161.6:2014. […]