Jolly’s made to measure triumph

Correctly fitting PPE is an essential component in ensuring firefighters experience optimum protection, mobility and comfort. A challenging prospect when injury is involved. Pac Fire strives to deliver PPE that provides the best possible fit to Australasian firefighters. To achieve this, Pac Fire actively seeks out like minded partners, such as Jolly Scarpe who’s status […]

New Video: Refurbishing a Pacific BR5 Wildland Firefighting Helmet

New Video: Refurbishing a Pacific BR5 Helmet

The BR5 is Pacific’s heritage wildland firefighting helmet. The classic design focuses on delivering safety, quality, and comfort to the user. The DUPONT™ KEVLAR® reinforced fibreglass composite shell provides exceptional strength and excellent penetration protection with a lifespan exceeding 10 years when cared for and stored correctly. Pac Fire recommends refurbishing the internal components of […]

South32 GEMCO take delivery of MSA Bristol XFlex

South32 GEMCO adopt MSA Bristol XFlex: the gold standard in firefighting garments

Pac Fire is excited to announce the selection MSA Bristol XFlex by South32 GEMCO as their new structural firefighting ensemble. South32 GEMCO operate a Northern Territory manganese mine, on the island of Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria. The remote location of the South32 GEMCO mining operation means the specialised fire and emergency services […]

New Video: Fitting the Pacific Helmets approved, Pac Fire helmet mounted earmuffs to a BR9 Wildland Firefighting Helmet

New Video: Fitting the Pac Fire Earmuffs to a Pacific BR9 Helmet

The Pacific Helmets BR9 is a popular and versatile head protection platform that accommodates a wide range of accessories. Follow along with us as we fit the Pacific Helmets approved, Pac Fire Earmuffs to a Pacific Helmets BR9 Wildland Firefighting Helmet. You can watch it video in this window, by click the play button or […]

Chief's Large Responder Wipes - Healthy Firefighter Endorsed

“Healthy Firefighters” endorse Responder Wipes® as a tool in the fight against occupational diseases

Responder Wipes® are the only decontamination wipe sold in Australia which have the “Healthy Firefighters” mark and are endorsed by the scheme.


Eflare® AT283 – Compact & Lightweight Warning Beacon

Eflare® emergency warning beacons are trusted worldwide by police, firefighters, EMTs, search and rescue teams and other emergency workers to flawlessly light accident scenes, contaminated environments, roadblocks, and other hazards. Eflare® AT283RB is red/blue flashing beacon used by emergency services personnel across Australia. Due to its compact size, the beacon is easily and securely stored […]

Fire Profi from Jolly Scarpe have landed in Australia

Fire Profi: so comfortable you forget you’re wearing firefighting footwear

Fire Profi are pull-on style structural firefighting boots from globally renown footwear manufacturer, Jolly Scarpe. Testament to the boots innovative design, superior safety features and premium comfort, Fire Profi was awarded to the UK Collaborative Framework, servicing nearly 30,000 firefighters, spanning services across the United Kingdom, including London Fire Brigade and Scottish Fire

FRNSW XFlex Heads South

Premium Bristol XFlex starts it’s journey south

Fire + Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW) members are one step closer to donning their new Bristol XFlex ensemble with the arrival of the first 8,000 garments to Pac Fire’s warehousing and distribution facility. The FRNSW XFlex is Bristol Uniform’s premium lightweight structural firefighting ensemble. Ergonomically designed, the ensemble focuses on delivering maximum comfort for […]

Pac Fire and our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Pac Fire & Coronavirus COVID-19

Pac Fire Australia is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 in Australia and other parts of the world. We understand that this is a stressful time for all and want to reassure everyone that we are here for you and remain open for business to support our frontline emergency services. The safety of our customers […]

Basic Maintenance: R5S Rescue Helmet Video

New Video: Basic Maintenance – Pacific R5 Rescue Helmet

The Pacific R5 is the helmet of choice for many rescue and road crews around the globe. This popular helmet strikes the perfect balance between wearer comfort and protection while incorporating all the features you expect from a Pacific Helmet. Follow along with us as we run through some basic maintenance for this helmet: Need […]

Product Spotlight: Blowhard Misting Ring Video

New Video: Product Spotlight – Blowhard Misting Ring

Heat stress has been shown to be a leading factor cause of injury during fire suppression. With this in mind, Blowhard have created a tool to assist in active cooling – the Blowhard Misting Ring. The Misting Ring transforms your Blowhard fan into an effective recovery tool that assists in combating heat stress. The Blowhard […]

Bristol NanoFlex Nomex Flash Hood

Better protection for vulnerable areas

Identifying the risk of harmful particulates and the venerability of the face and neck have spurred the design and creation of next generation fabric composites.

We are PAC+CARE. Specialised PPE/C Managed Services.

We are PAC+CARE.

“A growing focus on firefighter health and well-being has shone a spotlight on the importance of regular cleaning of PPE/C. Accumulated soiling can reduce thermal and electrical insulation resulting in the PPE/C becoming flammable while contaminants and particulates on PPE/C also negatively impact firefighter health.” Australian federal and territory legislation requires fire and emergency services […]

Product Spotlight: 3AA Torch from Underwater Kinetics

New Video: Product Spotlight – The 3AA eLed Torch from Underwater Kinetics

Take a more in-depth look at the popular 3AA from Underwater Kinetics. Watch as we take you through the product features, torch set up and basic troubleshooting. Purchase the torch and the B2066114 torch holder from Pac Fire Online. Want to be the first to know about new products? Head over to our Facebook page […]

Retrofitting a Pacific BR9 with Internal Eye Protection

New Video: Retrofitting Internal Eye Protection to a Pacific BR9 Helmet

Follow along with us as we fit pull down Internal Eye Protection to a Pacific BR9 Helmet. Heads up your BR9 needs to be equip with clip on visor mounts to fit internal eye protection as per the clip.  Want to be the first to know about new products? Head over to our Facebook […]

Routine Clean Structural Firefighting Helmet

New Video: Structural Firefighting Helmet Routine Clean

Carry out a Routine Clean on your Structural Firefighting Helmet.  Want to be the first to know about new products? Head over to our Facebook page and hit the “Like” button for our news to show up in your daily feed. Facebook not your thing? Subscibe to Newsflash the Pac Fire monthly newsletter here. […]

New Video: Pac Fire Goggles

New Video: Fitting the Pac Fire Goggles and Changing the Straps

Watch as we fit the Pac Fire Goggles to a standard BR9 Helmet and also a Cap Style helmet. Want to be the first to know about new products? Head over to our Facebook page and hit the “Like” button for our news to show up in your daily feed. Facebook not your thing? Subscibe […]

Pac Fire's new firefighting goggles have arrived

New Video: Introducing the Pac Fire Goggles

Pac Fire’s new two strap helmet goggles have landed and we’ve created this groovy video to celebrate their release. Want to be the first to know about new products? Head over to our Facebook page and hit the “Like” button for our news to show up in your daily feed. Facebook not your thing? Subscibe […]

Blowhard Fans and Pac Fire Australia - partners for over 8 years

Supercharge your response time

Pac Fire and Blowhard Fans have a long standing and prosperous relationship spanning more than 8 years. Blowhard Fans have single handedly revolutionised the way ventilation in emergency situations is approached. Blowhard’s BH-20 PPV fan has been designed for high pressure to effectively drive ventilation. The high velocity jet stream produced by the BH-20 assists […]