Pac Fire Australia Newsflash Archive - December 4th 2019

Pac Fire Australia Newsflash: December 4th 2019

Catch up on the latest Pac Fire Australia Newsflash: Trading times for the holiday season Pac Fire Online Gift Vouchers >> Catch up here Not a member of Pac Fire Australia’s Newsflash? Newsflash is a once monthly electronic newsletter that helps you keep up-to-date with all the new products and news at Pac Fire. Joining […]

Seasons Greetings from the staff at Pac Fire

We wish you a Merry Christmas

With 2019 at it’s close, the staff at Pac Fire would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and advise you of our holiday shutdown. Pac Fire will be closing on Friday the 24th December at 12pm – don’t worry we reopen at 8:00am on Monday the 6th January. For urgent […]

New Video: Changing the Internal Eye Protector in an R6 Series Helmet

New Video: Changing the Internal Eye Protector on a R6 Helmet

Contemporary design meets function – the R6 series helmets are the definition of ‘multi-purpose’. Made for complex rescue situations, helmets in the R6 range sport a modern and compact design that focuses on user comfort and protection. Follow along with us as we change the internal eye protector on an R6V Dominator Rescue Helmet: Need […]

Changes to the trim on YDS footwear

Reflective trim on Hades & Poseidon firefighting footwear

YDS, the manufacturer of our range of firefighting footwear has made a change to the colour of the reflective material used on their structural firefighting boots. The yellow reflective material in the Hades and Poseidon footwear will be replaced by silver reflective material. What does this mean for Pac Fire & our customers? New stocks […]

Pac Fire Australia Newsflash Archive - November 6th 2019

Pac Fire Australia Newsflash: November 6th 2019

Catch up on the latest Pac Fire Australia Newsflash: Introducing two new fans from Blowhard Pac Fire Merchandise is here Follow us on LinkedIn for company updates We’ve added some discontinued glove styles to Good-Buys Our South Australia branch is on the move Watch our latest video covering the replacement of the comfort liner and […]


New Video: Changing the Comfort Liner and Neck Protector on a Pacific F15

During fires, your helmet may become soiled with chemical, biological and particulate hazards. This may affect the performance, longevity and comfort of your helmet. You are also putting your health at risk if the Comfort Liner and Neck Protector is not cleaned regularly. The Headband & Neck Protector on an F15 Structural Firefighting helmet can […]

New Fans from Blowhard - Command and Quickee

Pac Fire welcomes “Commando” and “Quickee” to the Blowhard range

Blowhard is an innovative company with a team dedicated to putting the needs of firefighters first. Their core focus is creating solutions that fire services can integrate into their processes to make them more powerful and efficient. It is this focus that has led to the creation of two new fans – the Commando and […]

Pac Fire South Australia Branch is on the move!

Pac Fire’s South Australia Branch is moving!

Heads up! Pac Fire South Australia is on the move. From the 18th of November, our South Australia branch will be located at: Unit 3, 53 Galway Ave Marleston SA 5033

Technical Bulletin - Dyed-In Helmet Colour & the F3D MkII

Dyed-in Helmet Shells & Pacific F3D MkII

All Pacific helmet models will now only be offered with the standard neutral coloured resin.

Photolume - a specialty Paint Finish by Pacific Helmets

Photolume – a low light solution from Pacific Helmets

Pacific Helmets have over 24 paint finishes for helmets. Photolume is a light pastel green colour in the light – in low light it literally glows in the dark.

Pac Fire Australia Newsflash Archive - August 15th 2019

Pac Fire Australia Newsflash: August 15th 2019

Catch up on the latest Pac Fire Australia Newsflash: Hang out with us at AFAC19 – stand 384 An important announcement for Kappler Chemical Suits Put your tax bonus to work – shop the Pac Fire sale category now Explore topical industry issues on our LinkedIn page >> Catch up here Not a member of […]

Pac Fire Australia Newsflash Archive - July 16th 2019

Pac Fire Australia Newsflash: July 16th 2019

Catch up on the latest Pac Fire Australia Newsflash: Check out products new to Pac Fire Australia We’re exhibiting at AFAC19 Find out how you can retrofit your BR9 with Easi On Off Face Shield Bases Explore Good-Buys – the last stop for discontinued product lines >> Catch up here Not a member of Pac […]

Kappler CE Marked Suits - Technical Bulletin

Kappler Chemical Suits – CE Marked Styles

Kappler has made some changes to their range of chemical suits based on a new European regulation relating to personal protective equipment (PPE). The European Commission approved and published Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on PPE which became effective on April 21, 2019. Following the introduction of this regulation, Kappler performed an operational review of existing CE […]

Basic Maintenance: R5S Rescue Helmet Video

New Video: Basic Maintenance – Pacific R5 Rescue Helmet

The Pacific R5 is the helmet of choice for many rescue and road crews around the globe. This popular helmet strikes the perfect balance between wearer comfort and protection while incorporating all the features you expect from a Pacific Helmet. Follow along with us as we run through some basic maintenance for this helmet: Need […]

Product Spotlight: Blowhard Misting Ring Video

New Video: Product Spotlight – Blowhard Misting Ring

Heat stress has been shown to be a leading factor cause of injury during fire suppression. With this in mind, Blowhard have created a tool to assist in active cooling – the Blowhard Misting Ring. The Misting Ring transforms your Blowhard fan into an effective recovery tool that assists in combating heat stress. The Blowhard […]

New Product: The Blowhard Misting Ring

A new tool in the fight against heat stress

Firefighters experience high amounts of physical and mental stress when attending an incident. Environmental factors like extreme heat, humidity or cold contribute to conditions that may have an adverse impact on a firefighters health. In Australia, heat stress has been highlighted as a leading cause of injury during fire suppression. Dangers like heat stress can […]

Pac Fire Australia Newsflash Archive - March 7th 2019

Pac Fire Australia Newsflash:March 7th 2019

Catch up on the latest Pac Fire Australia Newsflash: In a continuing commitment to protecting responder health and well being while ensuring longevity of PPE/C, Pac Fire is proud to introduce PAC+CARE. PAC+CARE is a flexible managed service which utilises the latest in laundering technology and includes a state of the art filtration system. Read […]

Bristol NanoFlex Nomex Flash Hood

Better protection for vulnerable areas

Identifying the risk of harmful particulates and the venerability of the face and neck have spurred the design and creation of next generation fabric composites.

Pac Fire Helmet Mounted Earmuffs

Durable, helmet mounted, hearing protection

Pac Fires’ new model earmuffs are effective at reducing exposure to hazardous noise and other loud sounds. They feature durable metal arms and a 25mm tongue that fits to the Pacific earmuff bracket. Earmuff Features: Helmet Mounted Earmuffs Fits most ear sizes, with thick cushions for extra comfort Suitable in areas with high noise levels […]

We are PAC+CARE. Specialised PPE/C Managed Services.

We are PAC+CARE.

“A growing focus on firefighter health and well-being has shone a spotlight on the importance of regular cleaning of PPE/C. Accumulated soiling can reduce thermal and electrical insulation resulting in the PPE/C becoming flammable while contaminants and particulates on PPE/C also negatively impact firefighter health.” Australian federal and territory legislation requires fire and emergency services […]