F15 Cap Lamp Plinth for Underground Mining

Pacific Cap Lamp Plinth: developed and designed for underground mining

After consultation with key figures in the mining industry and in accordance with AS/NZS 4067:2012 Appendix Q, Pacific Helmets have conceptualised, designed and produced a miners cap lamp attachment for the F15 Structural Fire Helmet. Pacific’s Cap Lamp Plinth is a two piece lighting solution made from hard wearing industrial plastics. The Cap Lamp Plinth […]

New Video: Fitting Double Strap Goggles to a Pacific Branded Wildland Helmet

New Video: Fitting double strap goggles to a Pacific Branded wildland fire helmet

The Pacific Helmets range of wildland helmets are compatible with several eye protection options. In our recent video we demonstrate the fitting process for double strap goggles. We fit a pair of ESS Firestrike Double Strap Goggles to a helmet with a brim, like a standard BR9, wide brim BR9 or a BR5 and also […]

New Video: Fitting Pacific Rail Accessory Mounts to an R6L Patroller

New Video: Fitting the Rail Mounts to a R6L ‘Patroller’ Tactical Helmet

Pacific Helmets have developed a range of Picatinny rail accessory mounts designed to make several popular accessories compatible with any helmet fitted with rails. Pac Fire has prepared a video demonstration showing the rail accessory mounts being fitted to the a Pacific R6L ‘Patroller’, tactical helmet. You can watch the video in this window, by […]

Pacific R6L Patroller Tactical Helmet

Pacific’s ‘Patroller’ delivers on tactical head protection and military styling

Pacific Helmets is a globally respected manufacturer and exporter of safety helmet products that balance paramount protection with design functionality and wearer comfort. Flexible manufacturing processes and an innovative design team have lead to the development of many popular specialty helmets, including the R6 range, which is the very embodiment of the term ‘multi-purpose’. Part […]

New Video: Fitting Mesh Face Shield to R5

New Video: Fitting the Mesh Face Shield to an R5 Series Helmet

We’ve put together a short video demonstrating assembly and fitting of the mesh face shield to a Pacific R5 series helmet. Mesh face shields are primarily used during chainsaw operations. The Pac Fire Mesh Face Shield fits to Pacific model helmets with earmuffs fitted and a front brim – like the R5 series, BR9 standard […]

MSA Bristol Wildland Firefighting & Extraction Gloves

A leap forward in hand protection: MSA Bristol Wildland Gloves

Australasian Wildland Firefighters attend a diverse range of incidents, in unique and challenging environments. A better understanding of the varied and essential tasks Wildland Firefighters undertake has paved the way for the development of specialty PPE/C to support their roles and deliver improved, targeted protection. The ideal combination of features make MSA Bristol’s Wildland Firefighting […]

Pac Fire Newsflash Archive - December 2021

Pac Fire Newsflash: December 2nd 2021

Catch up on the latest Pac Fire Newsflash: Pac Fire would like to wish our customers, distributors and suppliers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We will be closing Thursday 23rd December for a break over the holiday. Skeleton staff will be available from the 4th of January, with Pac Fire officially reopening […]


Christmas Greetings for 2021.

It’s almost a wrap for 2021 and the staff at Pac Fire would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and advise you of our holiday shutdown. Pac Fire will be closing on Thursday 23rd December. Skeleton staff will be available from the 4th of January, with Pac Fire officially reopening […]


The Pac Fire 2021-22 Catalogue has gone digital

2021 hasn’t been what we’d call a ‘typical year’. Pac Fire’s catalogue is traditionally released at the annual AFAC conference. Due to the cancellation of AFAC21 (…and many other, important events in our calendar), Pac Fire’s updated catalogue never made it to the printer. In a year where it seems everything has been cancelled – […]


Jolly’s made to measure triumph

Correctly fitting PPE is an essential component in ensuring firefighters experience optimum protection, mobility and comfort. A challenging prospect when injury is involved. Pac Fire strives to deliver PPE that provides the best possible fit to Australasian firefighters. To achieve this, Pac Fire actively seeks out like minded partners, such as Jolly Scarpe who’s status […]

ACT Fire & Rescue selects MSA Bristol XFlex as their new Structural Firefighting Garment

ACT Fire & Rescue selects MSA Bristol XFlex as their new structural firefighting ensemble

Pac Fire in association with MSA Bristol is pleased to announce the award of the XFlex ensemble to the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) for the structural firefighters of ACT Fire & Rescue (ACTFR). ACTF&R provides a rapid response capability from nine strategically located Fire Stations across the Australian Capital Territory. Having taken the decision […]

MSA Bristol EOS the dawn of a new era in structural firefighting outerwear

The dawn of a new era: Pac Fire welcomes MSA Bristol EOS

Pac Fire is pleased to introduce another advancement in structural firefighting outerwear from MSA Bristol. EOS is the latest structural firefighting ensemble from leading manufacturer MSA Bristol. MSA Bristol EOS builds on the success of XFlex and the UK Collaborative Framework ranges, retaining the popular, ergonomic sports styling and advanced protection achieved from the combination […]

New Video: Refurbishing a Pacific BR5 Wildland Firefighting Helmet

New Video: Refurbishing a Pacific BR5 Helmet

The BR5 is Pacific’s heritage wildland firefighting helmet. The classic design focuses on delivering safety, quality, and comfort to the user. The DUPONT™ KEVLAR® reinforced fibreglass composite shell provides exceptional strength and excellent penetration protection with a lifespan exceeding 10 years when cared for and stored correctly. Pac Fire recommends refurbishing the internal components of […]

NSW RFS BR9 Wildland Firefighting Helmet

Pacific BR9’s Kevlar® shell wins over New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

Production is in full flight at Pacific Helmets (NZ) Ltd to deliver the BR9 wildland firefighting helmet to the largest fire service in the world – NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS). At least 40,000 members of NSW RFS are set to receive a new Pacific BR9 wildland firefighting helmet in a large scale rollout […]

Pac Fire Newsflash Archive - March 2021

Pac Fire Newsflash: March 16th 2021

Catch up on the latest Pac Fire Newsflash: Get up close and personal with the new Athena rescue gloves. DOT Systems release another tool in the fight against occupational illness – the DOT Sealed Bag. MSA Bristol composite structural firefighting gloves arrive at Pac Fire. Read about the award of MSA Bristol XFlex to South32 […]

South32 GEMCO take delivery of MSA Bristol XFlex

South32 GEMCO adopt MSA Bristol XFlex: the gold standard in firefighting garments

Pac Fire is excited to announce the selection MSA Bristol XFlex by South32 GEMCO as their new structural firefighting ensemble. South32 GEMCO operate a Northern Territory manganese mine, on the island of Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria. The remote location of the South32 GEMCO mining operation means the specialised fire and emergency services […]

New Video: Fitting the Pacific Helmets approved, Pac Fire helmet mounted earmuffs to a BR9 Wildland Firefighting Helmet

New Video: Fitting the Pac Fire Earmuffs to a Pacific BR9 Helmet

The Pacific Helmets BR9 is a popular and versatile head protection platform that accommodates a wide range of accessories. Follow along with us as we fit the Pacific Helmets approved, Pac Fire Earmuffs to a Pacific Helmets BR9 Wildland Firefighting Helmet. You can watch it video in this window, by click the play button or […]

Chief's Large Responder Wipes - Healthy Firefighter Endorsed

“Healthy Firefighters” endorse Responder Wipes® as a tool in the fight against occupational diseases

Responder Wipes® are the only decontamination wipe sold in Australia which have the “Healthy Firefighters” mark and are endorsed by the scheme.

Pac Fire Newsflash Archive - December 2020

Pac Fire Newsflash: December 11th 2020

Catch up on the latest Pac Fire Newsflash: Read about our Christmas trading times and how Pac Fire remains here for you during the Christmas holidays. Introducing Bristol’s innovation in hand protection, the composite leather / Nomex® structural firefighting gloves. Pacific’s cornerstone structural firefighting helmet meets GEN2 liner technology. Learn more about the F3D MkII […]

Merry Christmas from the team at Pac Fire

Pac Fire wishes you a happy and safe festive season

2020, what a year! This year has been filled with challenges and triumphs, not just for Australia, but globally. With everything that’s happened during 2020 – everyone is getting ready for a well deserved break over Christmas. Pac Fire will be closing for the Christmas period on Wednesday 23rd December. We reopen for 2021 on […]