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Fire Profi: so comfortable you forget you’re wearing firefighting footwear

Fire Profi from Jolly Scarpe have landed in Australia
Jason Hull and Jolly Fire Profi Firefighting Footwear
Jason Hull swears by his Jolly Fire Profi boots having worn them in a 26-mile marathon, 12-hour Beachy Head Coastal Walk and other charity events.
Fire Profi are pull-on style structural firefighting boots from globally renown footwear manufacturer, Jolly Scarpe. Testament to the boots innovative design, superior safety features and premium comfort, Fire Profi was awarded to the UK Collaborative Framework, servicing nearly 30,000 firefighters, spanning services across the United Kingdom, including London Fire Brigade and Scottish Fire.

Fire Profi have been precision crafted to fit the foot perfectly. Features focus on keeping the foot stable inside the boot while delivering a level of comfort that makes the user almost forget they’re wearing firefighting footwear.

A feeling former UK firefighter, Jason Hull knows only too well. Jason elected to wear his service issued, Jolly Fire Profi boots in a 26-mile (approx. 42km) marathon, rather than the more traditional and accepted option, sports trainers. Why did Jason make this unusual choice? Fire Profi’s Wrap Band System (WBS) secures the foot from the top rather than the heel, ensuring it remains stable in the boot for longer, vastly reducing common foot injuries like friction burns and blisters.

After his positive experience in the marathon Jason opted to wear Fire Profi boots in the 12-hour Beachy Head Coastal Walk skirting the hilly Sussex coastline. Again, Jason was the odd one out but had the last laugh, completing the challenging trek with his feet entirely intact.

Today Jason is a firefighter in the UAE where he still wears his much loved Fire Profi boots on duty and in subsequent charity events, raising much needed funds and awareness for The Fire Fighters Charity.

Fire Profi has just landed in Australia and is available now from Pac Fire. Read more or add a pair to your next order here.

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Jolly Fire Profi Structural Firefighting Footwear