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Help! I’m having trouble logging in to Pac Fire Online.

If you are an account holder at Pac Fire Online we always recommend logging in first – when you navigate to the site. This allows the system to load all your details – and the cookie the site forms with you will save your cart to your login, so even if you navigate away, the cookie formed with our site should hold onto your cart contents.

When using Pac Fire Online, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and locate the “login” link:

On the referring screen, use the left hand side (indicated) to use your existing credentials to login:

After that, the system will take you through to a snapshot of your account. Then, just use the menu items along the top to shop.

When you get to the checkout screen, you will be logged in and your details will be pre-populated – simply select your desired payment method and ‘checkout’. Remember to check the “agree to website terms” box.

Where is my order?

Please allow 5 business days from payment for your order to be dispatched. Occasionally, an order will be held for the arrival of stock. This is to save customers on freight. Customers will be notified as quickly as possible if an order is going to be held for the arrival of stock – notification will come via email or as a note on the online order.

Customer will be notified of shipping via email, as well as a note on the order. This communication will contain the name of the shipping service as well as a consignment note number for tracking updates.

Login to your account at anytime to check your real time order status and find any notes relevant to your order.

Read Pac Fire’s Pricing, Shipping and Returns information here.

I can’t enter a PO Box or Locked Bag address – why?

At this time, Pac Fire cannot accept deliveries to a PO Box or Locked Bag though our online store as this attracts a freight surcharge from our couriers. Please email sales@pacfire.com.au or call 1300 731 800 for more information on our freight policy or to process an order to a PO Box or Locked Bag.

Read Pac Fire’s Pricing, Shipping and Returns information here.

The item I’ve purchased says “available to backorder”, what does that mean?

When an item shows “Available to Backorder” above the “Add to Cart” button it means we’re currently out of stock – but the product is on the way.

Wait times for Pac Fire online items can vary depending on the location of the supplier – we’ll try to give you an accurate timeframe via notes on your order to keep you updated.

Orders with Pac Fire online will wait for the backordered stock to arrive to save on freight charges.

Items which we don’t have a firm arrival time for will show as “out of stock” and cannot be added to your cart.

I’m ready to pay for my order, what payment methods are available to me?

Pac Fire Online accepts Credit Card, PayPal, Direct Deposit & Gift Voucher payment methods.

Credit Card payments are handled through the secure PayPal interface – please check the Credit Card / PayPal option for this payment method and then follow the prompts.

If you select “Direct Deposit”, your order will not start processing until money has been received into the Pac Fire account – this can take up to 3 working days.

You can use a Pac Fire Online Gift Voucher to pay for some, or all of your order. If you don’t have quite enough to cover the entire purchase don’t worry, you can pay the balance using one of our other online payment methods. Not sure how much you have left on your voucher – check your balance here.

For faster order processing, please select the “Credit Card / PayPal” and/of Gift Voucher as your payment method.

Are you sure I can pay with my credit card, the checkout mentions PayPal?

Paying with Credit Card on Pac Fire OnlineYes. We’re totally sure!

PayPal handles our online transactions for us to make it both safer and easier.

To pay with credit card:

1. Simply select the “Pay with Credit Card / PayPal option”.
2. On the next screen, instead of logging in, select “Pay with a card”
3. Enter your card details as normal.

At the end of the transaction there will be a link for you to jump back to Pac Fire Online to view your order details.

Does Pac Fire Online offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes! Pac Fire Online offers Gift Vouchers as a method of payment at checkout.

If you would like to purchase a Pac Fire Online Gift Card follow this link to complete the transaction. Don’t worry, if the Gift Card is the only item in your cart – you won’t be charged any freight because we deliver the vouchers electronically on the date you nominate.

Enter your recipients name, email address and delivery date. After payment has been received we will schedule the send of your Gift Voucher to the recipients email address.

For the fastest turn around, please select “Credit Card / PayPal” as your payment method – as soon as the transaction is complete – your voucher will be scheduled to send.

If you would prefer to give a physical copy of the voucher, simply enter you own address as the recipient and we will send the email to you. Thens simply print and share.

I want to purchase a Gift Voucher for some one, are there any terms and conditions I should know about?

Yes, there are a few terms and conditions relating to the purchase and use of Pac Fire Online Gift Vouchers. You can find them in the “terms and conditions” section while purchasing the voucher, but we’ve copied them below, just in case.

Pac Fire Online Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions

  1. Pac Fire Online gift vouchers are delivered electronically to the the recipient on a) the elected send date, or b) when the payment is processed by Pac Fire if no send date is specified
  2. Your Pac Fire Online voucher can not be redeemed for cash, another voucher or during a transaction over the phone
  3. Git vouchers purchased at Pac Fire Online are only redeemable through our online store using the voucher code provided in the recipients email
  4. Want to be able to print out and give a copy of the voucher to the recipient? That’s easy, type your own email address in the recipient box and you will receive the email
  5. The value of the voucher can be spent in one, or over several transactions. If the value of the order is more than the gift voucher amount Pac Fire Online will only require payment for the difference using one of our standard payment options
  6. Don’t rush! Our vouchers don’t have an expiry date
  7. If you’re purchasing a Pac Fire Online gift voucher, and that’s the only thing in your cart, there will be no freight charge. If you have other items in your cart – freight will be charged as normal, based on the total weight of the order
  8. Check your Pac Fire Online Gift Card balance automatically by clicking on this link and typing in your gift card number

I’ve received a Pac Fire Online Gift Voucher, but my order is more than the amount given. What happens now?

No worries! If your purchase value exceeds the value of your cart, our system will deduct the voucher amount from the total, then require payment for the balance using one of the other Pac Fire Online payment methods.

As always, to ensure your order is processed in the fastest possible time frame, we recommend selecting the “Credit Card / PayPal” payment option.

My order is less than my Gift Voucher value – what happens to the rest of my Gift Voucher?

The value of your Pac Fire Online Gift Voucher can be spent in one, or over several transactions. Keep your voucher number safe and enter it again on your next Pac Fire Online transaction to keep using the value until it’s gone.

Not sure how much you have left on your Pac Fire Online Gift Voucher That’s easy! Check your Gift Voucher balance here.

Oh no, I’ve lost my Pac Fire Online Gift Voucher number, what do I do now?

We’re here to help!

Please contact us for assistance. You may be required to give us some personal information relating to the Pac Fire Online Gift Voucher so we can ensure the remaining value is going to the correct recipient.

I have a Pac Fire Online Gift Voucher – how do I check the remaining value?

Checking the remaining value on your Pac Fire Online Gift Voucher is fast and easy. Click on this link to visit your balances page to check your remaining value.



I’ve seen the term “Intrinsically Safe” on your website, what does it mean?

Intrinsic safety is a design technique applied to electrical equipment and wiring for hazardous locations. The technique is based on limiting energy, electrical and thermal, to a level below that required to ignite a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture.

Intrinsic safety products are mainly used in Structural Firefighting or Mining applications – but it’s best to check with your station manager or superior to see if it’s a requirement for you.

Check to see if the product you’re looking at on Pac Fire Online is intrinsic safety on the “Additional Information” tab on each product.



What Standards do the helmets comply to?

Pacific’s Structural Firefighting Helmet Range is certified to AS/NZS 4067:2012, Wildland Fireifighting Helmets are certified to AS/NZS 1801 TYPE 3, rescue and recreation helmets are generally certified to AS/NZS 1801 TYPES 1 & 2.

Helmet certifications are listed in the “Additional Information”. Some helmets carry additional certification for eye protectors – find a comprehensive list of certifications under the “Relevant Certifications” tab found under each Helmet.

Are spare parts available on all Pacific Helmets model helmets?

Yes! A comprehensive range of spare parts for each Pacific Helmets model helmet is available.

Check out the spare parts section online then select your helmet model for more information.

If the part you are chasing isn’t available on Pac Fire online, please contact us.

What is the manufacturers recommended lifespan on helmets?

All Pacific helmets have a minimum recommended lifespan of 5+ years, although we recommend after 10 years you should be looking at replacing your helmet.

How do I tell if my helmet needs replacing?

If the external shell has been subjected to an excessive blow, and/or the kevlar shows signs of softness, or exposure then the helmet should be replaced.

What colours are available?

Over 25 standard and specialty paint finishes are available for your Pacific Helmets model helmet.

Standard paint finishes like White, Orange, Red, Daisy Yellow and Blue are available through our online store. Colours outside this range and speciality finishes like Candy Apple Red and Photolume attract a surcharge and an additional wait time.

The Pacific colour range includes: Army Green, British Racing Green, Canary Yellow, Candy Apple Red, Corinthian Blue, Fire Royal Blue, Gloss Black, Green, Padre Purple, Pantone Yellow, Pink, Rescue Blue, Satin Black, Signal Green, Silver, Swedish Green, UK Green, UN Blue, Verdie Blue, Blue, Orange, Daisy Yellow, Fluro Lime, Fluro Orange, Red, White.

If the finish you require is not available to purchase online, please contact us for a detailed quote.

What accessories are available on the Pacific Helmets?

There are UKE torches, torch clips, ear muff clips, visors and chin strap upgrades available for most of the Pacific helmet range.

How do I keep my helmet in good condition?

We recommend the regular cleaning of helmets with SC-14 All Purpose Cleaner.

Safe and proper storage of your helmet will also help keep it in service longer. Pac Fire Australia supply a range of carry bags and storage options for Pacific Helmets Products.

What standards are the Pacific F10 Euro helmets meet?

The Pacific F10 Series helmets meet the following standards AS/NZS4067: 2012, NFPA 1971:2013, NFPA 1951:2013 and EN443:2008.

What helmets can take an eye protector?

F10, F15, BR9, Dominator, F3C



How is the Bristol Clothing sized?

The BTech, Pac Fire’s entry level structural garments range available in regular sizes Small – 4XL.

The XFlex design is produced for a more tailored fit and is available in 56 sizes – 28 for the jackets and 28 for the pants.

Do you offer special sizes and alterations to designs?

Yes we do offer special sizes and alterations to designs with a minimum surcharge.

What outer materials do you offer?

Our standard B-tech off the shelf design has an Hainsworth Titan outer how ever we can produce garments from all the different materials which are available in the market place such as PBI and Nomex.

Do you offer a care and maintenance program with your garments?

Yes we offer a care and maintenance program with all of our garments sold for a fee depending on your requirements. We also have available a local certified repairer for the Bristol garments if required.

What is the difference between BTech and XFlex?

BTech is our entry level structural clothing line which is available off-the-shelf in lime, with other colours available upon request.

The XFlex is our top of the line structural garment design which is a tailored fit and completely customisable to the individuals needs.



What size range is available for the gloves Pac Fire Australia supply?

In most cases glove sizes range from XXS-XXXL.

Is special glove sizing available for such things as missing digits etc?

Yes, special sizing is available for an additional fee

Are the Titan PBI gloves certified to Australian Standards?

Yes, in fact the Bristol Titan PBI gloves were the first fabric structural firefighting gloves certified to AS2161.6:2004 in February 2017.



What sizes are available?

Pac Fire Australia stocks sizes 3 – 15 including half stock plus other sizes upon request.

Are the YDS Fire fighting boots certified to Australian Standards?

All of the fire boots which we have to offer is certified to AS/NZS 4821:2006.

Are spare parts available for the YDS boots?

Yes, we offer spare zippers, laces and inner soles if required.

Do you offer special requirement sizes for your footwear?

Yes we can provide specials if required such as bunker boots with wider calf openings etc.

What style of moisture protection is used in the YDS footwear?

YDS only uses Gore-Tex moisture barriers in it’s footwear as it is of the highest quality.



What warranty is offered with the ISG Thermal Imaging Cameras?

ISG offers a 24 month warranty with all of their cameras.

What is battery for life?

ISG offers for a minimal charge a replacement battery for life exchange program. The life of the battery is based over 6 years and if you adopt the program we will exchange any battery which you feel is not working properly free of charge no questions asked. All we ask is for you to return the faulty battery so that we can recycle it correctly.

What is the difference between the ISG-160 and the ISG-380?

The two cameras are identical except the ISG-160 has half the image pixels of the ISG-380.

ISG-160 image pixels are 192 x 144
ISG-380 image pixels are 384 x 288

Are the new ISG E series cameras Intrinsically safe?

The new E series are intrinsically safe and are rated to UL Class 1 Division 2.

Are spare parts available?

Yes there is a complete spare parts list upon request.

Can you point the thermal imaging camera at the sun?

No, if you point the camera directly at the sun you will definitely damage the image quality and void the warranty.

What are the options for the laser grip handle?

There are four options:
1. Blank handle no options
2. Handle with laser pointer
3. Handle with DVR (digital video record) and image capture
4. Handle with TX (telemetry)

Does the handle require batteries?

No the handle draws its’ charge from the camera once it is connected.



What warranty comes with the BlowHard Fan?

The BlowHard fan comes with a 12 month warranty which includes the battery.

Is directional ducting available for the fan?

Yes, directional ducting is available upon request.

Is the BlowHard fan intrinsically safe?

The fan is currently being tested to intrinsically safe standards and we will let you know once the approvals are completed.

Can you purchase a battery as a spare part?

Yes, batteries are available as a spare part if required.