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New Video: Refurbishing a Pacific BR5 Helmet

New Video: Refurbishing a Pacific BR5 Wildland Firefighting Helmet

The BR5 is Pacific’s heritage wildland firefighting helmet. The classic design focuses on delivering safety, quality, and comfort to the user.

The DUPONT™ KEVLAR® reinforced fibreglass composite shell provides exceptional strength and excellent penetration protection with a lifespan exceeding 10 years when cared for and stored correctly.

Pac Fire recommends refurbishing the internal components of your BR5 every 3-5 years or if the helmet is being passed on to a new team member.

Follow along with us in this clip as we fit the BR5 Refurbishment Kit to a Pacific BR5 Helmet.

You can watch it video in this window, by click the play button or by navigating to the clip on our YouTube channel using this link:

Curious about or new refurbishment kits? View the ribbon suspension kit here, or upgrade to a mesh insert using this kit.

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