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Dyed-in Helmet Shells & Pacific F3D MkII

Technical Bulletin - Dyed-In Helmet Colour & the F3D MkII

As part of on-going work to improve manufacturing processes, delivery lead times and reduce waste, Pacific Helmets occasionally makes modifications to products.

Certain models of helmets have in the past, been available with dyed-in shell colours. This process means that not only is the helmet painted in the desired colour, but that the colour is impregnated all the way through the composite patrix of the helmet and is visible on the inside as well.

What does this mean for Pac Fire & our customers?
All helmet models will only be available with the standard neutral coloured resin.

The neutral shell will only be visible on the inside / underside of the helmet. The outside remains unchanged with Pacific Helmets high quality, UV stabilised paint to ensure a durable and UV resistant helmet.

Technical Bulletin - Dyed-in Helmet Shells & the F3d MkII

What products are affected?
Pacific Structural Firefighting Helmet – F3D MkII

>>Technical Bulletin – Dyed-In Helmet Shells & the F3D MkII