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“Healthy Firefighters” endorse Responder Wipes® as a tool in the fight against occupational diseases

Chief's Large Responder Wipes - Healthy Firefighter Endorsed

Chief's Large Responder Wipes Carton (16 Wipes per Carton)Responder Wipes® are thick, durable and specifically formulated moistened wipes for use as a tool in on site decontamination procedures. They have been designed by Firefighters in the United States to meet the specific and unique needs of first responders globally.

Responder Wipes® are the only decontamination wipe sold in Australia which have the “Healthy Firefighters” mark and are endorsed by the scheme.

“Healthy Firefighters” is a program established in 2006 by Swedish unions, employers and agencies who recognise Firefighters face a significant risk from occupational diseases Since it’s inception, Healthy Firefighters the Skelleftea Model has been adopted by 17 European nations and is gaining considerable momentum in the United States and Australia. The program shows why, how and what can be done to safeguard our first responders. Products, like Responder Wipes, that bear the “Healthy Firefighters” mark, have been identified as essential tools in providing a better work environment and improved health for firefighters.

Chief's Large Responder Wipes Carton (16 Wipes per Carton)Infused with Micellar Water, the wipes effectively clean dirt, oil, soot and other hydrocarbons from the skin. Micelles not only remove toxins and contaminants but also return much needed hydration to the skin, lost while working in hot and demanding conditions.

Importantly, Responder Wipes® do not contain any Aloe vera or Parabens – common ingredients found in products used as an alternative, like baby wipes. These ingredients open the pores of the skin and push the contaminants further into the pores. Responder Wipes® are thicker and more durable than alternative products, they do not pill or tear when wiping down the contaminated areas.

Convenient packaging options reduce waste and makes Responder Wipes® perfect for use while still attending an incident. Choose between the Chief’s Carton of 16 individually wrapped, extra large 30 x 60cm wipes, the Captain’s Pack 16 individually wrapped, large 20 x 30cm wipes and the Lieutenant’s Pack consisting of 20 regular sized 20 x 20cm wipes in a resealable pouch.

Read more about the “Healthy Firefighters” initiate here.

Need more information on Responder Wipes®? Follow this link to read more, view the Product Data Sheet or download the Safety Data Sheet.

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We are PAC+CARE.

We are PAC+CARE. Specialised PPE/C Managed Services.

“A growing focus on firefighter health and well-being has shone a spotlight on the importance of regular cleaning of PPE/C. Accumulated soiling can reduce thermal and electrical insulation resulting in the PPE/C becoming flammable while contaminants and particulates on PPE/C also negatively impact firefighter health.”

We are PAC+CARE. Specialised PPE/C Managed Services.Australian federal and territory legislation requires fire and emergency services to safeguard the health and safety of their employees at work.

In a continuing commitment to protecting responder health and well being while ensuring longevity of PPE/C, Pac Fire is proud to introduce PAC+CARE. PAC+CARE is a flexible managed service which utilises the latest in laundering technology and includes a state of the art filtration system. Thus ensuring potentially damaging contaminants removed from clothing and equipment whilst protecting the environment.


EFFECTIVE CLEANING During fires, PPE/C can become contaminated with a wide range of chemical, biological and particulate contaminants that are hazardous. If not removed properly, these contaminants could significantly affect personal protection and the PPE/C’s longevity but more importantly, have adverse effects on firefighter health.

At PAC+CARE we target the most prevalent and persistent contaminants in firefighter protective wear, combat these with best practice methodology, state of the art washing and drying technology while utilising the latest chemical inactivation. This yields a significant reduction in contaminant load, mitigating the effects of exposure to firefighters and ensures Service’s PPE/C has a prolonged operational life.

VALIDATING OUR CLEANING PAC+CARE commissions NATA accredited laboratories to assess the efficiency of their laundering process.

This is achieved by sampling test fabric soiled with predetermined contaminants under laboratory conditions and benchmarking these results against a clearly defined performance criteria. Services can be assured that PAC+CARE’s cleaning process is independently verified and certified as being of the highest quality and is continuously being confirmed by internationally recognised organisations.

LAUNDRY FILTRATION SYSTEM PAC+CARE’s filtration system is designed to ensure that contaminants removed from clothing and equipment do not end up in precious water ways. PAC+CARE’s state of the art filtration system treats water to industry-best standard by removing contaminants associated with firefighting while safeguards are in place to mitigate the risk of any environmental impact caused by spill or discharge of effluent. This is all backed by PAC+CARE’s comprehensive testing regime which ensures the filtration systems effectiveness.

BEST PRACTICE INSPECTION Early identification of damage to protective clothing and equipment is essential to preventing degradation and identifying early warning signs that the item is unfit for purpose.

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