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New Video: Fitting double strap goggles to a Pacific Branded wildland fire helmet

New Video: Fitting Double Strap Goggles to a Pacific Branded Wildland Helmet

The Pacific Helmets range of wildland helmets are compatible with several eye protection options.

In our recent video we demonstrate the fitting process for double strap goggles. We fit a pair of ESS Firestrike Double Strap Goggles to a helmet with a brim, like a standard BR9, wide brim BR9 or a BR5 and also to a helmet without a brim like the cap style BR9.

You can watch the video in this window, by click the play button or by navigating to the clip on our YouTube channel using this link:

Interested in picking up a set of double strap goggles? Check out the ESS Firestrike goggles? Click here to get more info or add them to your cart – remember when you purchase them from Pac Fire, they automatically come with a goggle mount kit.

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