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Pacific BR9’s Kevlar® shell wins over New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

NSW RFS BR9 Wildland Firefighting Helmet
NSW RFS BR9 Wildland Firefighting Helmet
NSW RFS BR9 Helmets in production at Pacific Helmets, New Zealand
Production is in full flight at Pacific Helmets (NZ) Ltd to deliver the BR9 wildland firefighting helmet to the largest fire service in the world – NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS).

At least 40,000 members of NSW RFS are set to receive a new Pacific BR9 wildland firefighting helmet in a large scale rollout set to take place in the coming year.

Feedback from NSW RFS members indicated that helmets were a top priority after the 2020 bush fire fundraising appeal raised over $100 million. The funds have been allocated to essential equipment and important upgrades for the volunteer firefighters who provide fire and emergency services to approximately 95% of New South Wales.

The BR9, selected by NSW RFS as their service issued wildland firefighting helmet, is a popular lightweight head protection platform that supports a full range of accessories. The standard shell shape incorporates a narrow side brim and multiple crown ridges allow for extra strength and air flow.

Impact protection was a crucial performance criteria when evaluating helmets. The BR9 excelled, largely due to Pacific’s acclaimed DuPont™ Kevlar® & fibreglass reinforced composite shell. Kevlar®, a synthetic fibre renown for it’s strength, provides additional heat- resistance and has been used in the design and manufacture of Pacific Helmets branded helmets since their founding in 1982.

NSW RFS BR9 Wildland Firefighting Helmet
The multi-ridge design of the BR9 contributes to the helmets excellent impact resistance
The multi-ridge design of the BR9 contributes to the helmets excellent impact resistance results, effectively dispersing blows over several points instead of being focused on a single area.

The NSW RFS BR9 also features a clear, clip-on face shield, which provides high speed particle impact protection for the face and eyes. A Mesh insert inside the helmets cradle, which spreads the weight of the helmet evenly over the head, improving comfort. 25mm earmuff brackets for the application of helmet mounted earmuffs and rear accessory straps to effectively retain single strap goggles.

Understanding the importance of delivering information efficiently, Pac Fire has established the NSW RFS Helmet Hub. A centralised online library that includes product information, specifications, downloads, training videos, FAQ, spare parts and accessories specifically for NSW RFS members. The Helmet Hub can be reached by scanning a specialised barcode, found inside the helmets shell and on much of the literature with the helmet, with a smart phone.

Pick up the renowned Pacific BR9, with the standard shell type, for yourself here.

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