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The Pac Fire 2021-22 Catalogue has gone digital

2021 hasn’t been what we’d call a ‘typical year’. Pac Fire’s catalogue is traditionally released at the annual AFAC conference. Due to the cancellation of AFAC21 (…and many other, important events in our calendar), Pac Fire’s updated catalogue never made it to the printer.

In a year where it seems everything has been cancelled – we’ve decided not to cancel the release of the 2021-22 catalogue, and rather release it digitally via our website.

This edition of the catalogue features great new releases like the Pacific F16 Multi-Level Helmet, MSA Bristol EOS structural fire ensemble and the ‘Evo’ wildland fire ensemble. But that’s not all…. Check out all of the recent releases in this years digital catalogue.

Never fear all your hard copy lovers! The catalogue will be back in all it’s printed glory in August 2022.

Download the updated digital catalogue here and remember it’s been designed to work in conjunction with the website and our new YouTube channel.

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