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Pacific Cap Lamp Plinth: developed and designed for underground mining

F15 Cap Lamp Plinth for Underground Mining

F15 Cap Lamp Plinth for Underground MiningAfter consultation with key figures in the mining industry and in accordance with AS/NZS 4067:2012 Appendix Q, Pacific Helmets have conceptualised, designed and produced a miners cap lamp attachment for the F15 Structural Fire Helmet.

Pacific’s Cap Lamp Plinth is a two piece lighting solution made from hard wearing industrial plastics. The Cap Lamp Plinth fits to the front of the F15 in place of a regular helmet plinth while the cord retention clip slides into the Pacific Easi On Off Base (EOB), part of the side adaptor plates.

The new Plinth is compatible with the Adaro L50 corded rechargeable Cap Lamp and the ALFA WL cordless, rechargeable Cap Lamp.

View the full range of products related to the release of the Cap Lamp Plinth here. Alternatively, you can download the detailed product data sheet here.

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