Kestrel Replacement Impeller

$62.00 exc GST

Replacement impeller for all Kestrel Meters.

Easy, user replacement in 4-steps:
1. Using your thumbs, press FIRMLY on the impeller module to remove the entire unit
2. Press only the sides of the new impeller when installing to avoid damaging the precision hub bearing
3. Insert the impeller so that the half that has the serial number label on it goes in first and faces the back of the unit once in place
4. Orient one “arm’ straight up (The impeller should look like a peace symbol or an upside-down Y)

Product Features

  • User replaceable
  • Suits all Kestrel models

Additional Information

Weight 0.060 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 cm


Kestrel Weather Meters - User Manual


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