ErgoTech Action Elite Structural Firefighting Jacket

Developed after careful research and extensive user trials into the ergonomics of firefighter activities, the ErgoTech Action Elite has become the standard by which lightweight firefighter PPE is measured for comfort and performance.

ErgoTech has been developed in close collaboration with the world’s leading fibre and fabric manufacturers. It has become a globally recognised design by fire agencies looking to equip their firefighters with PPE, which combines outstanding protection with low physiological impact.

The ErgoTech Action Elite is completely customisable to meet a specific person or agencies requirements.

Outer Fabric: Titan PBI® 1260
Colours: Tan
Moisture Barrier: Gore® CROSSTECH® AIRLOCK®

ErgoTech Action Elite can be customised with a different outershell fabrics, moisture barriers and your choice of thermal liner.

Please contact us to discuss your structural firefighting garment requirements.

Bristol Uniforms

Product Features

  • Collar and throat tab shape provide optimal compatibility with helmet and fire hood
  • Shoulder shape and increased upper sleeve allow full rotational mobility in shoulder and arm
  • Shaped panel over the shoulder eliminates the shoulder seam and makes a smoother line with greater comfort when wearing breathing apparatus
  • Increased underarm gusset allows more manoeuvrability when reaching overhead
  • Two action pleats added at the back shoulder
  • Hanging loop for storage
  • Tecashield on elbows
  • Cuffs with thumb holes
  • American Specification 3M perforated triple trim with Trim Saver
  • Torch holder
  • Radio pockets
  • Pen pocket
  • Logo print available on the back
  • 28 male & 28 female sizes

Relevant Certifications

AS/NZS 4967:2009
AS/NZS 4602.2:2013


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