Big Protection. Compact Size.

Big Protection. Compact Size. The Captains Pack from Responder Wipes

Big Protection. Compact Size. The Captains Pack from Responder Wipes

Studies linking dermal absorption of hydrocarbon contaminants and increased cancer risk have recommended stronger and more comprehensive preliminary exposure reduction strategies be implemented. Dermal wipes have been highlighted as an important step in the formulation of these strategies.

Responder Wipes® have been designed to meet the unique needs of Firefighters and First Responders. They are thick, durable and specifically formulated for use in on-site decontamination.

Infused with Micellar Water, the wipes effectively clean dirt, oil, soot and other hydrocarbons from the skin. Micelles not only remove toxins and contaminants but also return much needed hydration to the skin, lost while working in hot and demanding conditions.

Responder Wipes® are free from Aloe or Parabens. Wipes containing Aloe and Parabens have been shown to open the skins pores. Open pores can result in contaminants becoming further embedded in dermal tissue.

Their convenient packaging, including the new Captains Pack option, reduces waste and makes Responder Wipes® perfect for use while still attending an incident.

Need more information? Read more about new Captains Pack from Responder Wipes or download the product data sheet.

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