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A revolution in Structural Firefighting Gloves

Bristol's Titan PBI Structural Firefighting Glove is available now from Pac Fire

Pac Fire Australia’s exclusive partner, Bristol Uniforms have developed a game changer in hand protection. The Titan PBI® Structural firefighting gloves represent the gold standard in structural firefighting protection within Australia and New Zealand.

Pioneering the way forward, the Titan PBI® glove are the first fabric structural firefighting glove to be certified to AS/NZS 2161.6:2014.

Years of research and rigorous testing have resulted in a structural glove that balances paramount protection with optimal dexterity.

Titan PBI® (1260) protects the back of the hand while the palm is constructed of a double-face Kevlar® knit with a carbon-granite-silicone coating for superior grip. The insert is a Gore® Crosstech® moisture barrier which provides sound breathability and optimum protection against blood borne pathogens. The Kevlar® thermal liner insulates while wicking sweat away from the skin to prevent glove slip. The Titan PBI® glove also has a good size protective Nomex® cuff.

Developed with the wearer in mind, the Bristol glove offers a unique, anatomical fit and broad sizing range. These gloves are tough! The Titan PBI® gloves boast an exceptional lifespan due to their resilience when undergoing regular cleans.

The Bristol Titan PBI® Structural Firefighting Gloves are available from Pac Fire Australia.
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