I want to purchase a Gift Voucher for some one, are there any terms and conditions I should know about?

Yes, there are a few terms and conditions relating to the purchase and use of Pac Fire Online Gift Vouchers. You can find them in the “terms and conditions” section while purchasing the voucher, but we’ve copied them below, just in case.

Pac Fire Online Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions

  1. Pac Fire Online gift vouchers are delivered electronically to the the recipient on a) the elected send date, or b) when the payment is processed by Pac Fire if no send date is specified
  2. Your Pac Fire Online voucher can not be redeemed for cash, another voucher or during a transaction over the phone
  3. Git vouchers purchased at Pac Fire Online are only redeemable through our online store using the voucher code provided in the recipients email
  4. Want to be able to print out and give a copy of the voucher to the recipient? That’s easy, type your own email address in the recipient box and you will receive the email
  5. The value of the voucher can be spent in one, or over several transactions. If the value of the order is more than the gift voucher amount Pac Fire Online will only require payment for the difference using one of our standard payment options
  6. Don’t rush! Our vouchers don’t have an expiry date
  7. If you’re purchasing a Pac Fire Online gift voucher, and that’s the only thing in your cart, there will be no freight charge. If you have other items in your cart – freight will be charged as normal, based on the total weight of the order
  8. Check your Pac Fire Online Gift Card balance automatically by clicking on this link and typing in your gift card number