R6L ‘Patroller’ Tactical Helmet

$373.10 exc GST

A tactical rescue helmet with a unique rail system to accommodate several different accessories. A great head protection solution for USAR, paramedics, technical rescue workers and wildland firefighters.

This helmet comes with internal eye protection.

Pacific R6L Patrollers are currently made to order – meaning there is about a 6 week lead time from order to delivery. After your order is received a team member will advise on more accurate delivery timeframe. The Patroller is available in a wide range of colours and paint finishes, some of which are not available for purchase through our online store. Please contact Pac Fire about your colour selection. Additional fees and lead times may apply.

Pacific Helmets - A Lakeland Company

Product Features

  • DUPONT™ KEVLAR® REINFORCED FIBREGLASS COMPOSITE SHELL provides integral strength and excellent penetration protection. This lightweight shell is chemical and UV resistant with inherent heat and flame resistance.
  • POLYURETHANE CAP provides excellent shock impact absorption and a thermal barrier.
  • ULTRASTOP PADDING provides additional shock absorption.
  • PREMIUM REFLECTIVE TRIM with high retro-reflectivity for increased visibility. 8 pieces white/silver 3M680, supplied fitted to the helmet.
  • UNIVERSAL RAIL SYSTEM. Attach torches and other accessories compatible with rail mounting.
  • PULL DOWN INTERNAL EYE PROTECTOR provides additional eye protection that can be deployed easily with a gloved hand.
  • FRONT ACCESSORY STRAPS for securing helmet accessories like single strap googles and headlamps.
  • PACIFIC RATCHET ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND, sizing range from 52–65cm. Includes front and rear comfort padding.
  • 6-POINT RIBBON SUSPENSION WITH MESH INSERT. Fully modular for easy decontamination and replacement without special tools. Mesh insert spreads weight evenly over the head.
  • 4-POINT CHIN STRAP. Single handed adjustment at multiple locations for maximum comfort, optimum fit, and increased stability. Includes chincup.
  • PACIFIC LOW PROFILE BUCKLE can be easily secured, released, and adjusted.
  • NECK PROTECTOR. Single layer, black Nomex®. 200mm long.
  • WINNER. GOLD award at the Best Design Awards (NZ).
  • COLOUR. The PATROLLER is available in over 25 colours. Satin Black pictured.

Additional Information

Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 20 cm
Helmet Colour

Army Green (Satin), British Racing Green, Canary Yellow, Corinthian Blue, Desert Storm (Textured), Fire Royal Blue, Gloss Black, Green, Padre Purple, Pantone Yellow, Pink, Rescue Blue, Satin Black, Signal Green, Silver, Swedish Green, UK Green, UN Blue, Verdie Blue, Blue, Orange, Daisy Yellow, Fluro Lime, Fluro Orange, Red, White


Paramedic, Rescue, Wildland Firefighting


AS/NZS 1801:1997 Type 3

Pacific Helmets are available in a range of colours and paint finishes, not available for purchase through our online store.

Please contact Pac Fire about your colour selection. Additional fees and lead times may apply. Note the colours displayed below should be used as a guide only – colours will display differently on a screen to the finished product.

Relevant Certifications

AS/NZS1801:1997 Type 3

Reflective trim and neck protector must be attached to your helmet for it to meet AS/NZS 1801:1997 Type 3 certification.


Pacific Helmets Product Warranty
Pacific Helmets - User Manual
R6L 'Patroller' Tactical & Rescue Helmet – Product Data Sheet

Spare Parts


Technical Bulletins

Change to front merino comfort padding by Pacific Helmets - January 2024

Change to front merino comfort padding by Pacific Helmets – January 2024

To improve compatibility with the new ‘Rescue’ Eye Protector (available as an option for the Pacific R6 Helmets in 2024), Pacific Helmets is changing the design of the merino front comfort pad that is a component of the following models of helmets: What does this mean for Pac Fire & our customers? Two additional slots […]

Changes to the Underwater Kinetics Torch Holder Clip

Changes to the Underwater Kinetics Torch Holder Clip

In November 2019 the 3AA CPO Underwater Kinetics eLED Torch (UKT10034+) underwent design changes required to gain certification under the revised standard UL913 Edition 8. These changes resulted in an increase in torch body width of approximately 1mm. This change in size has resulted in the B2066114 Underwater Kinetics torch clip having a firmer fit. […]



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