Red Rack™ Freestanding

Heavy duty Red Rack™ Freestanding compartments can be customised around a stations existing floor plan and expanded to meet growing personnel needs.

Pictured RAKRFSS-3/20+ freestanding 3 bay unit with optional RAKSEC-20+ single sided security kit.


REVIEW THE OPTIONS. Red Rack is available in several different configurations to suit your application and available space. Choose between Freestanding, Wall Mounted, Mobile, or a combination to maximise your storage.

TELL US YOUR STORAGE NEEDS. Each Red Rack bay will accommodate PPE/C for a single team member. It’s important we know how many bays are required, remembering you can add bays as your needs change.

PROVIDE US WITH A DETAILED FLOOR PLAN. The modular nature of Red Rack makes it highly customisable. Providing our staff with a detailed floor plan of your space, including the location of doors and other fixtures will help us collaborate on a solution that’s right for you.

Please contact us to discuss your storage requirements.

Ready Rack

Product Features

  • Made from heavy-duty, tubular steel with a red powder coated finish
  • Available in single or double sided configurations
  • Compartments are 50cm wide
  • Height is 72″ / 1.8m
  • Security kit for single sided (lockable door, top and rear panel – RAKSEC-20+) and double sided (lockable door, top and rear panel RAKDSSEC-20+) available

Each Compartment Includes

2 x Apparel Hooks
1 x Adjustable Helmet Shelf
1 x Adjustable Boot Shelf
1 x Hanging Pole the length of the unit
1 x Name Plate per locker unit


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