Fixed Wand Fire Lighter / Drip Torch

$286.90 exc GST

The Surefire Fixed Wand Fire Lighter is an excellent tool for burning out and fire line ignition.

This Drip Torch has a wand manufactured from 12mm stainless steel tube and a fibreglass filled wick covered with galvanised perforated steel sheeting.

Due to the Surefire Fire Lighter being fitted with an anti-flash loop and non-return valves, its safety is second to none.

Product Features

  • Certified to AS/NZS 2906:2001 (Fuel Containers – Portable: Plastic & Metal)
  • 4.5 Litre fuel tank, constructed from extruded aluminium tube
  • Runs on 25% Petrol (Gasoline) and 75% Diesel
  • Fixed want eliminates wand ‘spinning’
  • Fuel trap loop prevents flame traveling up the wand internally and into the fuel storage tank
  • Flash back valve prevents ignited vapours travelling back up the wand into the fuel tank and causing an explosion
  • Fuel control tap allows operator to quickly and easily shut off the fuel supply when required
  • 12mm stainless steel tube and a fibreglass filled wick covered with galvanised perforated steel sheeting
  • 55mm wide fill point provides clear view into the tank to prevent overfilling. Sealed with die cast aluminium threaded bung and Viton O ring
  • Shamrock green in line with AFAC approved colouring for fuel storage containers
  • Made in Australia

Additional Information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 75 cm

Wildland Firefighting


AS/NZS 2906:2001


Shamrock Green

Relevant Certifications

AS/NZS 2906:2001
Standards Australia / New Zealand – FUEL CONTAINERS: PORTABLE (PLASIC & METAL)

Spare Parts

Use only genuine PACIFIC FIRE LIGHTER DRIP TORCH parts on the BCRPFL FW G DRIP TORCH. Using another brands parts on this item may effect the operation and your safety. It may also damage the product and void warranty.


Pacific 4.5L Fixed Wand Drip Torch – User Manual
Pacific 4.5L Fixed Wand Drip Torch – Spare Parts Diagram


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