Solberg Re-Healing Foam RF6 20 Litre Pail

$198.87 exc GST

Solberg RF6 has been successfully designed for fighting Class B fires.

RF6 can be applied with all existing equipment. When proportioned at 6% concentration with water of all kinds it has the ability to flow quickly and freely across the surface of hydrocarbon flammable liquid fuel.

RF6 is available in a 200 Litre Drum & 1000 Litre Tote, not available for purchase through our online store. Please contact Pac Fire about RF6 in other size options. Additional delivery fees and lead times may apply.

Solberg Foam

Product Features

  • Effective Class B concentrate and contains only synthetic hydrocarbon surfactants
  • Excellent control and extinguishment
  • Works with common foam proportioning devices
  • Use for liquid fires, chemical spills or vapour suppression
  • Clings to vertical surfaces and hot metal
  • High temperature resistance
  • Long drain time
  • Increased burn back survivability
  • Shelf life of 20 years plus
  • Does not contain Fluorosurfactants, Fluoropolymers or Fluorotelomers

Additional Information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 37 cm

Relevant Certifications

ICAO Level B and DEF (Aust)


Foam RF6 - Product Data Sheet
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