Company Profile

PAC FIRE AUSTRALIA is a nationwide distributor with branches located in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Being a family owned and operated business PAC FIRE AUSTRALIA prides itself on being a leader in the supply of equipment to many different industry sectors specialising in the Emergency Services.

At PAC FIRE AUSTRALIA, taking pride in what we do and the people we serve is how we define our business. Our commitment to providing quality products, customer service and sales expertise to our customers with precise information is second to none. When called upon by customers our product solutions and services produce value for money and achieve operational success.

Having trouble sourcing a product then look no further, as PAC FIRE AUSTRALIA specialises in finding a solution for you. One of our specialties is sourcing or manufacturing that product which you just can’t locate or if required we will develop or design a solution for your needs.

PAC FIRE AUSTRALIA can also  provide a detailed care and maintenance program for your PPC. We can offer something as simple as a helmet inspection to a more detailed complete annual garment decontamination service. All you need to do is call us and we will be happy to work out the right program for you.

Care and Maintenance

PAC FIRE AUSTRALIA in partnership with Industrial Decontamination Services can tailor a care and maintenance program for your requirements. PAC FIRE AUSTRALIA can perform simple tasks such as PPC inspections to a more major task of decontaminating your personal PPC. This whole process can be recorded and customised reports presented back to the customer.

Asset Management

PAC FIRE AUSTRALIA runs a state of the art asset control management system. If required PAC FIRE AUSTRALIA will micro chip a selected piece of your personal PPC then

record that item to a personalised recorded system where each item is listed against the customer. 

The micro chip system allows you to store important information which can relate back to the employee and can be accessed by the customer at anytime.

PAC FIRE AUSTRALIA has a concentrated customer base throughout Australasia who we support through our national presence with the latest leading edge equipment sourced both nationally and internationally through our dedicated supply chain.


PAC FIRE AUSTRALIA prides itself in supplying quality products from leading manufacturers using the latest technologies. All of our products are backed with superior warranties and certified to all the latest standards where applicable.

If you are not happy with the quality of any of our products or have suggestions for any design changes please do not hesitate to give us a call.